Sea moss can be added and enjoyed in a cup of coffee. Dark roasted coffee tastes best because it masks some of the potent sea moss flavors. Gel, powder and cut and sifted sea moss varieties will dissolve in coffee and taste great.

Coffee is an excellent way to consume your daily dose of sea moss. And this article will share some useful advice for brewing the tastiest cup of sea moss coffee.

What is sea moss?

Sea moss is a type of sea vegetable that grows abundantly along the Atlantic coast in Europe and North America. It is a popular health food that can be consumed raw, in gel form, or as a powder.

It’s also commonly referred to as Irish moss or carrageen moss and is believed to improve blood sugar, lower cholesterol and improve heart health.

How much sea moss should you put in coffee?

It is recommended to ingest no more than 2 tablespoons (8 grams) of sea moss per day. This daily dose of sea moss can easily be consumed in a single cup of coffee. However, you may consider splitting your daily sea moss intake across multiple hot beverages to minimize the possibly unpleasant sea moss taste.

Can you mix sea moss in coffee?

Powdered sea moss tends to dissolve most easily into coffee and other hot beverages. But the gel form will dissolve as well with a little stirring.

You can also add dry and cut sea moss flakes into coffee as well. However, these may not dissolve as easily and may create a bit of sediment at the bottom of your cup. Regardless, adding it to coffee in any form is still an excellent way of consuming it.

How do you prepare sea moss coffee?

The easiest way to prepare sea moss coffee is to simply add and stir 2 tablespoons of sea moss gel or powder into freshly brewed hot coffee. The sea moss will eventually dissolve and will be ready to drink.

Many people don’t drink black coffee so you can absolutely add milk, cream, sugar and other coffee additives to enhance the flavor of your sea moss beverage.

Will sea moss affect how coffee tastes?

Sea moss is described as having an earthy and sea-like flavor that can be compared to oysters, seaweed and clams. For many people sea moss is not the most pleasant tasting superfood to enjoy. This is why many people choose to turn it into a gel and mix it into their beverages and cooking.

Sea moss will impart these ocean flavors into your coffee so most people prefer adding sweeteners or choosing coffee that will mask the sea moss flavors altogether.

What’s the best coffee for sea moss coffee?

You can mix sea moss into any type of coffee that you enjoy most. But most people tend to enjoy sea moss coffee with a dark roast because it has the most potent aromas and flavor compounds. This will allow the coffee flavor to overpower the sea moss and produce a more enjoyable beverage.

French Press and moka pot coffee are excellent coffee making methods to consider for sea moss because they tend to create a more robust and full-bodied coffee experience. These stronger tasting coffees tend to taste best with many coffee additives.

Specialty coffee beans and some brewing methods, such as pour over coffee, are usually not great options for sea moss coffee because they are intended for highlighting subtle coffee bean characteristics, which sea moss will overpower.

How to sweeten sea moss coffee

You can sweeten sea moss coffee with your normal coffee sweeteners, such as sugar and coffee creamer. Some coffee drinkers enjoy adding zero calorie monk fruit sweetener to make a tasty keto sea moss coffee.

Can you put sea moss in tea and other hot drinks?

You can add sea moss to any hot beverage, including and especially tea. In fact, sea moss tea is a popular way of enjoying this superfood.

Some people enjoy the taste of sea moss and prefer preparing it in a tea form where the sea moss flavors do not need to be covered up. You can also add sea moss to steamed milk and other hot beverages.

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