Psyllium husks can be easily added into coffee. In fact, coffee is an excellent beverage to add psyllium to because it has a strong aroma and flavor to mask its earthy taste. Also, psyllium dissolves especially well in hot coffee because it’s a soluble fiber.

This article shares some tips for brewing a tasty psyllium coffee.

What is psyllium husk?

Psyllium is a fiber made of the Plantago ovata plant’s husks. It’s commonly used as a laxative but is also believed to benefit heart and pancreas health. Psyllium is a prebiotic that can help people improve their digestive health.

How much psyllium husk should you put in coffee?

Experts recommend taking 3-6g of psyllium two or three times per day. Each of these 6g doses can be dissolved into a cup of coffee if you want.

Can you mix psyllium husk in coffee?

Psyllium husk is a soluble fiber and will easily dissolve in coffee and other beverages. In fact, a hot beverage like coffee will allow the psyllium to dissolve more easily than room temperature tap water.

Coffee is an excellent beverage to mix psyllium into because it has a strong aroma and taste, which helps to mask the flavor of psyllium. Even if you don’t mind the taste of psyllium, mixing it into certain coffee beans may make it seem as if you’re not taking the fiber supplement at all.

How do you prepare psyllium husk coffee?

The easiest way to prepare psyllium husk coffee is by brewing the coffee first and simply adding and mixing the psyllium husk directly into it. The psyllium will easily and rapidly dissolve into the beverage.

Will psyllium husk affect how coffee tastes?

Psyllium will impart a flavor on any beverage it is mixed with. However, coffee tends to do a good job at overpowering and covering up the taste of psyllium if you don’t enjoy its taste.

People describe psyllium as having an earthy, grainy or oatmeal flavor. These types of flavors tend to complement coffee well.

If you don’t enjoy the taste of psyllium coffee then you can consider adding sugar, coffee creamers or other sweeteners to enhance the taste of your coffee and mask the psyllium.

But there are a couple other things that you can do to enhance your psyllium coffee:

What’s the best coffee for psyllium husk?

You can mix psyllium into whichever coffee you enjoy most. But many people find that dark roast coffee beans are best for covering up the taste of psyllium. This is because the roasted, nutty and chocolatey flavors of dark roasted coffee tend to have a very potent aroma and flavor, which overpowers other flavors it’s paired with.

Light roast coffee will often taste more of fruit and flowers, but are often more subtle tasting than dark roasted beans. Therefore, third wave or specialty coffee beans are likely not the best choice for psyllium coffee if taste is important to you.

Best brewing method for psyllium coffee

We recommend trying a French Press or moka pot brewing method for psyllium coffee because they produce a strong taste and full-bodied coffee. This minimizes the taste of psyllium in the beverage.

Some people might enjoy the taste of psyllium and may prefer a standard drip brewing method.

Nowadays more coffee drinkers are discovering a love for oat milk in their lattes. As a result, something like an oat milk latte is a great choice for psyllium because it has similar oat-like flavors.

Can you put psyllium husk in tea and other hot drinks?

Psyllium will easily dissolve into tea and other hot beverages. In fact, many people simply choose to mix psyllium into a glass of tap water.

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