There is an abundance of wonderful and freshly roasted specialty coffee to be explored across Louisville. Many coffee roasters are using their craft to serve Louisvillians with some of the best coffee in the world.

Here are the three best coffee roasters in Louisville that every third wave coffee enthusiast must try.

Best specialty coffee roasters in Louisville
Coffee roasterNo. of single origin coffeesNo. of cultivarsNo. of origin countries
Good Folks Coffee Company8176
Sunergos Coffee8116
Quills Coffee5105

1. Good Folks Coffee Company

Good Folks coffee banner

Good Folks Coffee Company offers perhaps the best selection of single origin specialty coffee in Louisville. This includes a variety of washed and naturally processed beans as well as some unique options, such as their Tanzania Peaberry and Indonesian Sumatra.

They are a relatively small operation but are excellent at what they do. They’re a must try for any third wave coffee enthusiasts in Louisville.

Coffee recommendation

Good Folks coffee roasters Ethiopian coffee

We recommend trying the classic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, which is grown at a high altitude and is naturally processed. The result is a juicy and flavorful coffee with strong fruit characteristics.

Good Folks Coffee exterior photo
Processing methodsWashed, Natural, Wet-Hulled
Bean cultivarsArusha, Typica, Bourbon, Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, N39, KP423, Heirloom, Tim-Tim, Borbor, Ateng, Lini-S975, Kartika, Jaluk, Maracaturra, Catimor
Number of cultivars17
Bean originsPapua New Guinea, Colombia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico
Number of origins6
Number of single origins8
Subscription availableYes, starting at $11.50 USD
Address1151 S Shelby St, Louisville, KY 40203


We’ve been Good Folks coffee subscribers since December, and have absolutely loved the quality of product we’ve received. We get 2 bags of single origin light or medium roast beans every 2 weeks, and look forward to our delivery every time. We’ve lived in New York and San Francisco, and this coffee is on par with the best we’ve had anywhere! Highly recommend.

Kelly, from Google

Best single origin coffee in Louisville and always fresh af! And I mean like roasted the day before you pick it up fresh, not 4 weeks old at Jrader Toes “fresh.” The light roasts are the best I’ve ever had for pour overs hot and cold & Aeropress. Medium and dark are great in the French press. For anyone who wants high quality grounds at home and to support an actual Local Business it’s all well worth the cost.

Bill, from Google

2. Sunergos Coffee

Sunergos coffee in Louisville

Sunergos Coffee is one of the best roasters in Louisville for high quality specialty coffee. They have a great variety of single origin beans that are both washed and naturally processed.

They have an excellent team of baristas that are very knowledgeable and passionate about coffee. There are a few locations throughout Louisville.

Coffee recommendation

We recommend trying the washed Peaberry from Tanzania, which has unique molasses and citrus flavors. This is a unique coffee that will likely create an experience unlike your typical morning brew.

Sunergos coffee from Tanzania


The locations are relatively small but are made up for with knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Sunergos exterior shot
Via YH Photography

They don’t have a large menu and instead choose to focus on exceptional coffee. They provide a consistent experience and are unlikely to disappoint.

Sunergos interior
Via Michael Puhala
Processing methodsNatural, Washed
Bean cultivarsHeirloom, Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Kent, N39, SL27, Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo, Red Catucai, Castillo
Number of cultivars11
Bean originsEthiopia, Colombia, Guatemala, Tanzania, Brazil, Costa Rica
Number of origins6
Number of single origins8
Subscription availableYes, starting at $10.50 USD
Address306 West Woodlawn Ave.
Louisville, KY 40214


I recently ordered a pound of whole bean from Sunergos’ website. I live in Wake Forest, NC, so I expected to receive the coffee a week or two later, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the coffee waiting on my doorstep three days after ordering it. As always, the quality of coffee was fantastic, so I would highly recommend Sunergos coffee to you, regardless if you live in Louisville or abroad.

Cody, from Google

Listen, I AM NOT A COFFEE DRINKER! I may drink coffee once a week, if that, but I have to say, I can tell a big difference between what Sunergos is brewing and Starbucks.

Ryan, from Google

3. Quills Coffee

Quills Coffee banner

Quills Coffee is an excellent specialty coffee roaster that provides a relaxing experience for Louisvillians. Their professionally trained baristas go the extra mile to make sure you have a good experience.

They don’t have the greatest selection of single origin coffee in Louisville, but they do have a couple choices for both washed and naturally processed beans.

Coffee recommendation

We recommend trying the Colombian Wush Wush. It’s a rare varietal that has similar characteristics to the Geisha varietal with spicy and subtle floral flavors.

Quills Wush Wush Colombian Coffee


Customers enjoy Quills’ laid back atmosphere that offers plenty of seating and a unique exterior and interior design.

Quills Coffee exterior
Via Brett Gissel
Processing methodsWashed, Natural
Bean cultivarsCaturra, Bourbon, Typica, Local Landraces, Arusha, Mundo NovoCaturra, Castillo, Colombia, Red Bourbon, Wush Wush
Number of cultivars10
Bean originsPeru, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Burundi, Colombia
Number of origins5
Number of single origins5
Subscription availableYes, starting at $15 USD
Address802 E Main St, Louisville, KY 40206


Really cool and interesting coffee shop space, the coffee itself was very good and on par with other reputable big city coffee shops. I picked up a bag of coffee and it was as fresh from the roaster as it can be.

Augustin, from Google

I love all of the Quill’s locations. I frequent this one the most since I work nearby. Quills has the best coffee hands down. Not just in Louisville, but the best coffee ever. There’s something special about it. A lot of times when I go to hip coffee shops I feel like the staff can be very judgmental. but quills is not the case. Everyone is super chill and friendly. Willing to answer your questions about different drinks, roasts, flavors. It’s amazing.

Anthony, from Google

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