There is an abundance of wonderful and freshly roasted coffee to be explored across Burnaby. Dozens of coffee roasters are using their craft to serve Burnaby with some of the best coffee in the world.

Here are the five best coffee roasters in Burnaby that every coffee enthusiast must try.

1. Cuppa Joe Coffee Roasters

Cuppa Joe Coffee Roasters is a fan-favourite roaster that’s located on the edge of Vancouver and Burnaby. They offer an excellent selection of coffee from a wide variety of countries.

Coffee enthusiasts will appreciate that Cuppa Joe also offers a good choice of bean varieties as well. However, there are few naturally processed options, which may be a drawback for some specialty coffee lovers.

Average rating4.7 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Coffee sizes340g, 2lb
Price range$15.00-$45.00 CAD
Bean processWashed Sun Dried, Washed, Dry Mill, Giling Basah, Natural and Semi-Washed
Bean varietiesHeirloom, Arusha, Blue Mountain, Bourbon, Villa Sarchi, Caturra, Borboncito, Venecia, Red Catuai, Typica, Catimor, Acaia, Castillo
Bean originsEthiopia, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia
Subscription availableNo
AddressRoastery: 104 – 350 East Kent Ave. South, Vancouver, BC V5X 4N6

Cafe: 105-1899 Rosser Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 6R5
Operating hoursMonday-Friday: 8am-4pm


Love the beans and everyone had always been very helpful and made good recommendations. The downtown espresso is my go to espresso bean and I love it.

Martin, from Google

Crimininally underrated. JJ, 49th, Rocanini, Timbertrain, etc, etc – I preferred CuppaJoe. No pretense, just great beans at an unreal price.

Pe, from Google

2. JJ Bean Coffee

JJ Bean Coffee is a favourite among Burnaby and Vancouver residents. They offer a few specialty single origin coffees that are both washed and naturally processed. They even offer a subscription specifically for their single origin roasts, which is a welcome feature for specialty coffee enthusiasts.

Average rating4.5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Coffee sizes340g, 2lb, 5lb
Price range$18.00-$100.00 CAD
Bean processWashed, Natural, Wet Hulled
Bean varietiesParaiso MG2, Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Bourbon, Catimor, Gayo, S Lini 795
Bean originsBrazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Peru, Mexico, Indonesia
Subscription availableYes, starting at $16.20 CAD for blends and $22.50 CAD for single origins
Address1904 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1J3, Canada
Operating hoursVaries by location


I love the coffee and have been buying beans and getting an Americano every once in a while for the past year. I have always received consistently amazing service from the staff. I leave with a smile on my face, and I’m thankful for the kindness and care they put into serving customers. The new patio is pretty nice too!

Catherine Google

Great coffee, great baked goods, especially the muffins. Even the iced Americano has fantastic flavour. I guess they just use better beans. The outdoor seating and neighbourhood vibe is really nice as well.

Richard, from Google

3. Lions Bay Coffee Roasters

High quality roasts from a small local Burnaby roastery. Customers agree that Lions Bay Coffee Roasters offer a great product at a good price and with excellent customer service.

You can also buy their beans locally at Buy-Low Foods, Choices Markets and Nesters Market.

We appreciate that their subscription frequency can be customized by week, which is a nice feature.

One drawback is that they only offer a few single origin coffees, which are all out of stock at the time of writing. This may be a dealbreaker for some specialty coffee enthusiasts.

Average rating5.0 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Coffee sizes1lb
Price range$16.99 CAD
Bean processWashed
Bean varietiesUnknown
Bean originsIndonesia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia
Subscription availableYes, starting at $16.99 CAD
Address316 2999 Underhill Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5A3C2
Operating hoursUnknown


This is a fantastic small batch, local, freshly roasted coffee place! The customer service is so awesome as well. My husband and I are total coffee snobs and we absolutely love this coffee. We try to tell everyone about Lions bay! We come back every time we run out of our supply.

Krysalynne, from Google

Lions Bay is fantastic! We are certified coffee snobs and are super picky about the coffee we drink – it can’t be bitter or fruity. So far, all of the blends we’ve tried are delicious! We order online, and they hand-deliver in a nice little bag to our door within a couple days. We will continue to order from Lions Bay, and even better, they are a local company!

Carlee, from Google

4. Heights Coffee Co.

Heights Coffee Co. is a small Burnaby roasting operation that provides locals with a great option for freshly roasted beans. As of writing, you can only buy Heights Coffee at local markets and pop up locations. Follow their Facebook to see where they will be next.

They don’t offer a wide coffee selection like some commercial-scale roasters, and they only offer one single-origin roast for the specialty coffee crowd. But we feel Heights Coffee is a worthwhile Burnaby-based roaster to support.

Average rating5.0 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Coffee sizes350g
Price range$20.00-$25.00 CAD
Bean processWashed Patio Dried, Washed
Bean varietiesUnknown
Bean originsIndonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia
Subscription availableNo
Address4129 Dundas Street, Burnaby BC V5C 1A9
Operating hoursNone – Markets only


I bought these beans at farmers market and they’re great! I used the Gilmore blend to make a pour over. The owner was also nice and super knowledgeable about coffee.

Anonymous, from Google

Excellent coffee, freshly roasted and nice packaging..👍 Local deliveries were very fast. For the price… wish they are in 454 gm bags…☕☕

Anonymous, from Google

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